"I  have particularly enjoyed watching (him) learn about the world around him--plants, animals, insects, continents, solar system, foreign cultures.  What a curriculum for a  young mind! 
Your school is a gem."
"Thank you for a wonderful, educational year.  We are awed by all that the twins have learned.  They have also become more responsible and i think a lot of that is due to the experience (at Veranda)"
"Thank you for the gift that is Veranda.  (My children) both take pride and pleasure in the school and the work that they can do.  I am so happy that we found you..."
My daughter  has recently achieved alumni status at Veranda Montessori. One of the many benefits of her recent accomplishment is a smooth transition into kindergarten due to the excellent preparation she received at Veranda...She still surprises me with her knowledge of the world we live in both geographically as well as socially. Katherine and Renee's guidance, dedication and caring have had a tremendous impact on her development and I am as grateful to them as I am proud of (my daughter)